Interning Abroad

In the seventh semester, all students are required to do an internship abroad. The internship is worth 18 credit points, and it needs to be conducted in one piece and in one enterprise. It is each student's individual responsibility to find an internship place for themselves. RheinMain University of Applied Sciences provides and introductory workshop to support students in finding an internship place.

The internship requirement serves the following goals:

  • familiarization with the professional field of industrial engineering
  • insight into the professional world in the host country and identifying nationally distinct features of professional contexts
  • acquisition of hands-on knowledge and skills and familiarization with career-specific procedures and methods
  • getting to know typical engineering, organizational and societal contexts
  • participation in work processes by working on specific, clearly defined projects and procedures within the professional field of industrial engineering

All information concerning interning abroad can be found in the Prüfungsordnung (PDF 350 KB) finden.

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning organization and preparation of the BPT can be found in the following linked file FAQ-BPT-IWI (PDF 34 KB).