What is it?

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is a specialization of the Electrical Engineering degree program. High-speed communication networks, smart phones, intelligent electronic systems in vehicles, high-tech devices in medical technology, cloud computing ... Many pioneering innovations have one thing in common: they are based on electrical engineering and information technology. The double title of electrical engineering and information technology says it all: the convergence of the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and microelectronics has made electrical engineering and information technology the key technology for many innovations.
In the specialization Electrical Engineering & Information Technology as part of the Electrical Engineering degree program, you will acquire comprehensive skills in the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and communications technology. The specialization offers you state-of-the-art, practical and future-proof training and qualifies you for a wide range of interesting and challenging tasks.


What can I do with it?

Electrical engineering and information technology are the driving forces behind innovations in the most important markets of the future. Graduates of our Electrical Engineering & Information Technology specialization therefore have extremely promising prospects. After graduating, you will have excellent opportunities to find a varied, creative and well-paid position.
The engineering profession offers an extremely broad spectrum of entry opportunities and fields of activity, typically in the areas of independent project planning and development or the operation or supply of complex technical systems consisting of hardware and software. Future employers can be found in a variety of industries, such as: the electronics industry, in information and communications technology, in automotive companies, IT service providers, medical engineering, the electricity sector, automotive construction, automation technology, aerospace, or management consultancy.

Further information is available on the Electrical Engineering degree program page: Elektrotechnik B.Eng.