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What is it?

Transforming abstract knowledge into engineering solutions in interdisciplinary teams in order to solve physical-technical problems - this is what you will learn in the master's degree program in Applied Physics. The research-oriented degree program qualifies you for tasks in applied research. The course content is taught in cooperation with renowned research institutes.

The courses of the degree program primarily cover modern research-intensive fields of technology such as photonics, micro- and nanotechnology, biosignal processing or interfacial physics.

The degree is equivalent to a master's degree obtained at a university and offers you the opportunity to go on to doctoral studies.

What can I do with it?

Whether you go on to work at a research institute or in a high-tech company: As a graduate of the master's degree program in Applied Physics, you will be involved in the development of new processes and the creation of sophisticated products. Based on the latest research results, you will develop ideas on how processes can run even more precisely, how new materials can be used effectively, or how new devices can be developed. New findings from research and development are being put into practice ever more quickly, and scientific findings are increasingly being transformed into new technologies: modern mechanical engineering is unthinkable without laser-assisted production methods, highly integrated electronic circuits would not be possible without solid-state physics and quantum mechanics, and fuel cells are based on findings from interfacial physics. Science and business increasingly require people who are capable of bridging the gap between research and development, between theory and practice.


For degree-seeking students: detailed information on admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. can be found on the German page.

Key facts

Study location

Rüsselsheim Campus

Standard period of study

3 semesters, correspondingly longer for part-time degree programs

Main language of instruction

German - We offer courses in English for exchange students.

Accreditation agency


Commencement of studies

Winter and summer semester


Our i-Punkt at the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Campus is there to answer all your questions about studying and applying.

You can contact Professor Stefan Kontermann directly for further information..