Prof. Dr. Martin Gergeleit
Telephone: +49 611 9495-2500
E-mail: martin.gergeleit(at)
Room: E09 (Glass House, Unter den Eichen) 

  • Strategic planning and development
  • Budget and investments
  • Buildings and grounds
  • Occupational health and safety, building projects
  • Quality management
  • Employee affairs
  • Professorial affairs

Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Ralf Dörner

Telephone: +49 611 9495-2510
E-mail: ralf.doerner(at)
Room: E09 (Glass House, Unter den Eichen)

  • Research & development
  • Public relations
  • Internationalization


Dean for Academic Affairs

Dean for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Werner Quint, Faculty of Design – Computer Science – Media (DCSM) at Hochschule RheinMain

Prof. Dr. Werner Quint
Telephone: +49 611 9495-2520
E-mail: werner.quint(at)
Room: E09 (Glass House, Unter den Eichen)

  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Affairs
  • Evaluation and feedbackmanagement