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HSRM offers over 70 degree programs at five faculties:

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The Faculty of Design, Computer Science, Media (DCSM) of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is located on its own campus at the media park "Unter den Eichen" in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany. At DCSM, more than 60 professors teach and conduct research with a focus on applied sciences and more than 1,000 students are provided with high quality, practice-oriented scientific education.

General Information

Where do I find accomodation? Is it true that I can use all buses and trains in the whole Rhein-Main-area for free when I am a visiting student? What about health insurance? Who will support me at the university? Which formalities do I need to fulfill? How is life in Wiesbaden like? Which recreation offers are there? What language classes and sport activities are offered by the university? As a visiting student or visiting researcher you will likely have plenty of questions. You can find answers by looking at the guide for international students that is provided by the university‘s international office (contact: international(at) The international office is also the main contact point for applications. Their webpage can be accessed here.

Description of Study Program

The Faculty of Design Computer Science Media (DCSM) offers bachelor's degree programs (undergraduate) in Applied Computer Science, Interior Architeture, Communication Design, Media Informatics, Media Management, Media Conception & Production and Business Informatics. Master's degree programs (graduatel) are offered in the field of Computer Science and Media & Design Management.  Find below a list of all courses taught in English:

Course Lists (Summer Term 2017)

Communication Design (DES)

Interior Architecture (IA)

Computer Science (CS)

Media Management (MM)

Media: Conception & Production (MCP)

Media & Design Management (MDM)

Preliminary Remark

Each course is assigned one of the following areas: Communication Design (DES), Interior Architecture (IA), Computer Science (CS), Media Conception & Production (MCP) and Media Management (MM). In general, as a visiting student you have access to courses in all areas of the department. More information can also be found on the Web-pages of the individual study program.

The Faculty of Design Computer Science Media (DCSM) serves as a platform for various research activities. One research focal area is smart systems for humans and technology. You can find more information about this research focal area here and more information about laboratories and special equipment available in the faculty here. DCSM has a doctoral college in cooperation with Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, there is a cooperation at the doctoral level with the NIDA-University in Bangkok. Prospective guest professors, guest lecturers, post-docs and research interns are welcome to contact the vice dean of the department (contact: prodekan(at) to discuss opportunities and perspectives of your visit to our faculty.

For general questions about how to apply, questions about organization etc. please contact the International Office.

Only in case you have very specific questions about a single course (e.g. specific questions about prerequisites) you may want to contact one of the following professors who are responsible for a certain area:

Area Communication Design (DES): Prof. Christine Bernhardt
Area Interior Architecture (IA): Prof. Holger Kleine
Area Computer Science (CS): Prof. Dr. Martin Gergeleit
Area Media Conception and Production (MCP): Prof. Claudia Aymar
Area Media Management (MM): Prof. Michael Erkelenz