Are you interested in studying at our faculty for one or two semesters?

If you are studying at one of our Partner Universities, you can generally apply for a study abroad semester at your home university. Contact the international coordinators at your home university to discuss the application process.

You can also come to Wiesbaden as a free mover. That means enrolling as a regular student for one or two semesters. Find all information about the application process at International Office.

Online Learning Agreement

As Erasmus+ student, your home university will ask you to sign an Online Learning Agreement (OLA) before leaving for Wiesbaden. When filling out the OLA, enter the name of one of the departmental international coordinators at our faculty and the email address international-sw[at] in the box “Responsible person at the Receiving Institution”. Find the names of the departmental international coordinators in the menu under Contact.

If you want to participate in a program other than Erasmus+ or study as free mover at our faculty, research the requirements for course recognition at your home university.

You will have to select the courses you would like to attend at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences prior to your stay. You can attend courses in German and English.

Courses for exchange students

Exchange students can attend courses from all degree programs of their study cycle (B.A or M.A.). Each semester, the English-taught courses at our faculty differ. Since the degree programs at our faculty are divided in modules, the topics of the English-taught courses can vary each semester.

Find the current courses in English at: English-taught courses for exchange students.

Of course, exchange students are also permitted to attend courses taught in German. The language of instruction is mainly German. We encourage students to consider the entire study program to benefit from the full teaching spectrum. Find the full study program of the faculty online at the student platform HSRM Compass.

If you are interested in improving your German and English skills, you can attend one of the language courses at the Language Center. Find details on the courses and how to enroll at Language Center.

For more exchange student information follow the links below: