Specialization Social Law

Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management (B.A./LL.B.)

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What is it?

Students of the degree program Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management  specializing in Social Law (LL.B.) focus on legal aspects from the field of social work in greater detail. They acquire comprehensive and integrated knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of the areas of law relevant to social work. In addition, they acquire the ability to develop solutions to problems in the area of counseling in legal contexts and the application of law in the fields of social work, to develop them further, and to provide professional reasoning for them while incorporating administrative and legal perspectives.


What can I do with it?

For graduates, there is a wide range of career opportunities spanning many areas of social work. These include positions in legal support services, juvenile court assistance, the social services of the judiciary or social law counseling services.