Health Care Issues in Social Work

Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management (B.A./LL.B.)

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What is it?

Current developments in health and social policy will have a lasting influence on social work. Rising life expectancy, the proliferation of chronic illnesses, the increase in socially induced inequalities in terms of health opportunities, the economization of the social sphere as well as the growing complexity of medical and health knowledge place completely new demands on social work and call for multi-perspective and participatory concepts.

The degree program Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management specializing in Health Care Issues in Social Work (B.A.) addresses current challenges and specifically combines the professionalism of social work with health care issues in order to provide needs-based services, guidance and support at the interface of health care and social work.

Students acquire comprehensive and integrated knowledge and understanding of the principles and theories of health-related social work and the health sciences, including social medicine, health psychology, health sociology and health policy, as well as the ability to develop relevant solutions to problems, provide professional reasoning for them, and to develop them further in the areas of health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, and psychosocial counseling / support.

What can I do with it?

Graduates have acquired a comprehensive health-related competence profile in the field of health care issues in social work. They are therefore highly qualified to carry out transdisciplinary activities and responsible tasks in many areas, including, for example: Clinical social work (hospitals, rehabilitation clinics), social psychiatry, addiction help services, work with the elderly, social work with people with so-called disabilities, child day care facilities, school social work, educational counseling centers, workplace health management, public health services, e.g. health authorities.