The Hochschule RheinMain provides the ZoomX product.

You can reach the Zoom X instance of RheinMain University via


ZOOMX is a web conferencing service that provides the functionality of video/audio conferencing and screen transmission. In addition, there is the possibility of sending direct messages as well as file transfer to individuals and groups.


Installation ZoomX - Windows (Students, teachers, employees)
Installation ZoomX - MacOS (Students, teachers, employees)
Installation ZoomX - Android (Students, teachers, employees)
Installation ZoomX - iOS/iPadOS (Students, teachers, employees)
ZoomX - Plan and create meetings (Students, teachers, employees)
ZoomX - Chatfunctions (Students, teachers, employees)
ZoomX - Chatchannels & groupchats (Students, teachers, employees)
ZoomX - Instructions for hybrid rooms (Teachers, employees)

You can find further instructions on the Didactics and digital teaching websites




FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

I have already created a ZoomX account with my university email address. The SSO login does not work. What can I do?

If you have already created a ZoomX account, you must delete it or change the email address used. Only then can you use the login via SSO. You can find instructions for this directly at

Zoom - Delete account

Zoom - Changing the email associated with your account