Wherever possible, RheinMain University and State Library provides digital reproductions for publications that can neither be borrowed nor photographed. You will generally receive digital reproductions in pdf format, on request also in jpg or tiff format.

In certain cases, reproductions may not be made. This applies in particular to old, valuable or very large books, as well as to some newspapers.

Please send your reproduction request by mail, e-mail or fax. Please fill out a separate order form for each publication.

Any dissemination of the reproductions to third parties as well as their publication or duplication requires the approval of RheinMain University and State Library.

  • Texts and pictures from manuscripts, autographs, rare books, portrait and photo collections of the library may only be published with the consent of the library.
  • The manuscripts or prints consulted as well as the title "RheinMain University and State Library, [complete call number]" must be quoted in any publication.
  • For the publication of a reproduction in scientific publications, no fee will be charged if the RheinMain University and State Library is given a specimen copy. If not, additional image fees will be charged.
  • Any rights of third parties (personal, copyright and usage rights) to the images shall be determined by the applicant prior to publication and any requirements arising from these must be complied with. The RheinMain University and State Library does not provide any guarantee as to the availability of the rights.
  • Reproduction permission application form

Reproduction costs

For the use of reproductions which serve a commercial interest, image fees are payable in addition to the production costs.