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RheinMain University of Applied Sciences "FamilienKompass" – a project to improve the compatibility of studying and family life

Students attempting to balance family life with studies not only face the question of where to leave their children during lectures. Ensuring quiet time at home so students can study also needs to be organized. Financing studies is also difficult if a whole family depends on a student’s income and if a child falls ill, students need the option to postpone exams. These – and many more – were topics that arose when the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences conducted interviews on its website for the series "Studying with children" with young parents who find themselves in this often highly complicated situation.

With its project "FamilienKompass" RheinMain University of Applied Sciences has compiled a guide for student-parents (in German only). The Gender Equality Officer Regina Müller, her colleague Ines Wirthgen and a number of student assistants collected details of all the services and information from the university, as well as the cities of Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim, that are relevant to this topic. The information is now available on these webpages. Additionally a catalog of measures is being developed that should gradually improve the compatibility of managing family life and studying at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

Please feel free to contact Ines Wirthgen or other team members with queries or suggestions regarding the "FamilienKompass" topic.