Channel Code Copy of Compact Discs


The open source project "Channel Code Copy of Compact Discs" has the goal to archive the complete contents of CDs on the channel code layer. Here, the NRZI signal which stems from the laser-pickup of a CD player is recorded directly, providing sort of a pit-land photo of the CD. The resulting image file, in turn, is demodulated and decoded in software within in a virtual CD player. The required hardware and software components are developed within this project.

Possible areas of application include media archiving and digital preservation as well as data analysis and data recovery.

Test versions for non-commercial purposes can be downloaded from the links below. (Please note the disclaimers within the distributions.)

Software:  (357KB)  (258KB)
ccccd-5.30.tar.gz  (402KB)

Hardware (K. M. Indlekofer, M. Dietrich, V. Skemski):  (497KB)

K. M. Indlekofer and M. Dietrich, 27. Tonmeistertagung, Köln, ISBN 978-3-9812830-3-7, 369 (2012)
K. M. Indlekofer and R. Hedkte, FKT 5, 240 (2013)

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