Our responsibilities:

  • We act as a first point of contact for clarifying conversations.
  • We mediate between the parties to a conflict.
  • We support fair cooperation and communication in the workplace.

Our responsibilities are based on the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences' work agreement, "Cooperative Conduct in the Workplace". The agreement aims at furthering a work environment based on smooth cooperation and mutual respect.

You can contact us about any situations in your workplace that you perceive to be difficult. In some cases, talking to someone is enough to help you take a different perspective and effect change.

Conflict resolution is based on:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility of the parties to the conflict
  • Disclosure of the facts
  • Willingness to act fairly

Mediation in conflicts

You decide, who to talk to and where to have the conversation. Everything you tell us will of course be treated confidentially.

Contact us:

Tatjana Gerlach
(University- and Federal State Libary)

Telephone: +49 611 9495-1854
E-Mail: tatjana.gerlach(at)

Stefania Mercuri-Schürmann
(Wiesbaden Business School)

Telephone: +49 611 9495-3149 / +49 611 406193
E-Mail: stefania.mercuri-schuermann(at)

Karina Ricci
(Location Wiesbaden, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)

Telephone: +49 611 9495-1575
E-Mail: karina.ricci(at)

Michael Röser
(Location Rüsselsheim)

Telephone: +49 6142 898-4532
E-Mail: michael.roeser(at)

Gabriele Sonndag
(Location Wiesbaden, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)

Telephone: +49 611 9495-1503
E-Mail: gabriele.sonndag(at)