The Profile of
RheinMain university

The RheinMain University on the way to an University of Applied Sciences

Situated in the bustling, multicultural Rhein-Main area, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences provides outstanding educational and job opportunities. RheinMain University's research strengths, its team spirit and its attentiveness to the needs of society and of the market alike ensure that its degree programs are relevant to the world of work and life beyond the university. Both our study locations Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim are equally committed to placing students at the center.

The degree programs at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offer a thorough, up-to-date academic preparation for today's jobs. It is our mission to support students in acquiring the knowledge and competences that allow them to apply scientific methods and creative skills in multiple, ever-changing practical contexts.

Our degree programs are distinguished by well-structured course offerings, domestic and international internships as well as by assignments and thesis topics that are relevant to real-life contexts – rounded off with an emphasis on research orientation in the master's programs.

In recent years, the teaching-focused profile of the university has been further amplified by achievements in the areas of applied research, the transfer of technology and knowledge and continuing education offerings in different academic fields. In these past years, expanding international relations and partnerships has plaid a particularly important role in the university's development too.

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences will continue to develop its profile as a higher education instutions with a focus on applied sciences with close ties to the Rhine-Main region and to small and medium-sized businesses. As the first University of Applied Sciences in Germany with a doctoral program, it has been offering a doctoral program in cooperation with nearby Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt since summer 2009. Both the scope and the intensity of the university's research activities will further increase, and worldwide networks and partnerships are poised to underline the importance of international relations for the university yet more in the near future.