Propaedeutic Course for Refugees - Welcome to HSRM

Starting in summer term 2018 the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is offering a propaedeutic course for refugees. This is a one-year program that aims to prepare refugees for their studies in Germany. Within this program the students will participate in Intensive German Courses, lectures and preparatory workshops. The project office for refugees will inform the participants about their future education possibilities and will accompany them until the beginning of their studies. Additionally, a social framework program will facilitate the participants' start at the university to manage every day's life.

The participation of "Welcome to HSRM" is largely free of charge.

Target Group

The program is addressed in particular to refugees interested in a study program, who own a direct or indirect university entrance qualification (Abitur). Furthermore, the applicants need to prove German language skills of level B1 or better.

Program objectives

The participants will be prepared to successfully participate in the DSH-Exam (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) and taking up their studies in Germany well prepared.


The program Welcome to HSRM extends over 3 semesters. The program will extend from March 2018 until July 2019 if it starts in the summer semester 2018. It will extend from December 2018 to mid-January 2019 if it starts in the winter semester 2018.

The program Welcome to HSRM consists of four steps - from the language and study preparation to the start of the studies.

Step 1:  B1+ und B2 German Intensive Course
           Duration: 5 months
           Scope: 24h/week

Step 2:  Auditor Program
           Visiting of lectures and propaedeutic workshops
           Duration: 4 months
           Scope: 20h/week

Step 3:  DSH-Preparatory Course
           Duration: 3 months
           Scope: 24h/week

Step 4:  Start of Studies
           Duration: at least 1 month
           Scope: 10h/week

In parallel with each step the participants are taking part in accompanying measures. The elements of the program Welcome to HSRM are (Hyperlinks are going to follow soon):
Auditor program for refugees
Professional preparation
Study organization
Study orientation
Advisory service
Social framework program
University and State Library RheinMain

Application procedure

If you are interested in Welcome to HSRM it is necessary to make an appointment for an interview with the coordinator Mrs. Chander during the application period 12.02.2018 - 23.02.2018. It is required to hand in a completed application form, a direct or indirect university entrance qualification (Abitur) and a language certificate (at least level B1). The application form will be available here on 01.02.2018. Contact person: Mrs. Chander