What does DoSV mean?

The dialog-oriented service procedure (DoSV) coordinates the allocation of undergraduate degree course placements with locally restricted admissions on a national level.

This procedure supports the universities in their admission procedures and contributes to the avoidance of empty study places. The advantage of the procedure is that the applicant can see all the applications submitted to the DoSV – the platform www.hochschulstart.de – and can check the status there at any time.

Further information about DoSV and the application process for DoSV degree programs can be found at www.hochschulstart.de

How does the application via DoSV work?

We advise you to check the uni-assist web site: there is a check list with information about the application process with DoSV: www.uni-assist.de/en/how-to-apply/plan-your-application/hochschulstart-dosv/

Step 1

Register via www.hochschulstart.de. After successful registration, you will receive an applicant ID (BID) and an applicant authentication number (BAN), which is available under the button "My Data". Make a note of your BID and BAN, as these are required for online application with uni-assist.

Step 2

Apply via uni-assist. Information about applying to uni-assist can be found on the homepage www.uni-assist.de/bewerben.html

Step 3

Please send the printed Application for admission to German university for international applicants with foreign academic qualifications together with the documents to be submitted in hard copy form to uni-assist.

Step 4

After a positive evaluation, uni-assist will automatically forward your application in electronic form to RheinMain Hochschule, where your admission will be decided. When your application has been accepted, your data will be transferred to our Campus Management System HSRM COMPASS and you will receive your personal access data by e-mail. This is important for the further admission process.

At www.hochschulstart.de you can follow the processing status of your application (s), set priorities, accept the admission offers, which are submitted to you and also your rejection or exclusion notification. You will be informed about changes of your status via e-mail. Nonetheless, check your access on a regular basis in order to be able to accept your desired degree program o and ensure your place at university. Please be aware of the valid deadlines of the decision phase, in which you must prioritize your desired course of studies.

How do I get my desired course of studies?

In order to get an admission for your personal top university after applying for several applications, you have two options:

The easiest way to get the best possible course of studies is prioritization. After uni-assist has sent your approved applications to the university and the evaluation, you place your applications in order of your personal preferences. Please note that all applications after rank 12 become inactive. If you have done the prioritization with care, you do not have to do anything anymore, because at the end of the decision-making phase, your best possible admission offer will be converted into an admission. You will receive an admission letter and can enroll at the Hochschule RheinMain.

If you prefer to create clear conditions early on, check the status of your applications on a regular basis and actively accept the admission to www.hochschulstart.de. You will receive an admission letter and can enroll at the Hochschule RheinMain.

As soon as you have accepted an offer or your best possible offer has been converted into an admission, all other admission offers expire. This step can not be undone.

After receiving an admission, please note the deadlines for enrollment on the admission letter.