Facts & Figures

Total number of students2915
- female / male59 % / 41 %
- foreign students16 %
- Professors53
- Full-time lecturers10
- Part-time lecturers108
Students Business Administration
Business Administration Bachelor of Arts509
Controlling & Finance Master of Arts52
Sales & Marketing Management Master of Arts99
Students International Management
International Management
(former: International Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts450
Master of Arts 49
Students Insurance & Finance
Insurance & Finance Bachelor of Science434
Master of Science40
Students Business & Law
Accounting & Taxation Bachelor of Laws560
Master of Laws26
Students Health Care Economics
Health Care Economics Bachelor of Science446
Health Care Management Master of Arts36
Students Digital Business Management (started in Winter Semester 2016-17)
Digital Business Managment Bachelor of Science214
Last updated: Winter Semester 2017-18