"Mathematics helpdesk" in summer semester 2021

Mathematics plays an important role in many degree programs.  There are many issues in engineering applications that could not be solved at all without using mathematical methods!

This makes it all the more important to address questions and problems that crop up during lectures and tutorials right from the start - this lays the groundwork for students to make rapid progress in their studies.

In winter semester 2020/2021, students can use the mathematics helpdesk service online: From Monday to Friday, student tutors are available via chat or video to offer assistance for all mathematics-related questions. The helpdesk team consists of students from different faculties. Information about their degree programs, specialist areas, current office hours and their virtual rooms can be found on Stud.IP at mathe-helpdesk. The tutoring team can also be contacted via e-mail: mathe-helpdesk(at)hs-rm.de.

The mathematics helpdesk is a service organized jointly by the Faculty of Engineering (Professor E. Gehrig, Applied Mathematics), the Strategic Planning Department (Dipl. Math. B. Sagromski ).