Industrial Engineering and
International Management

Bachelor of Engineering

Program Structure

The program is divided into a first segment of four semesters with a prescribed curriculum and set courses and a second three-semester segment. In the second segment, students can choose three modules to create emphases in areas of their own interest, and they also do their internship and write their bachelor's thesis as part of this segment. This is complemented by project work in the sixth semester.

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Interning abroad (BPT)

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Student Information Center

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Studienort Rüsselsheim
Gebäude A, Raum A-015
Am Brückweg 26
65428 Rüsselsheim
Tel.: +49 6142 / 898-4198

Studienort Wiesbaden
Gebäude A, Raum 122
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18
65197 Wiesbaden
Tel.: +49 611 / 9495-1590
Fax: +49 611 / 9495-1594

Examination regulations

All examination regulations can be found at Geschäftsstelle Prüfungswesen (German pages only)

In addition to the examination regulations, the Anerkennungssatzung der HS-RM (pdf - 32,3 KB) (AM 219) regulates the recognition of degrees, studies and examinations (for example, abroad) and competences gained from extra-curricular education; futher details can be found in
FB ING-Anrechnungshandbuch (pdf - 501 KB)

Equivalence list

For students who are switching from the diploma to the bachelor's program, completed course components are approved in accordance with the equivalency list.
Äquivalenzliste Diplom-Bachelor IWI 4-2010 (pdf - 71,6 KB)

Incoming Students

The study program is generally offered in German. It is recommended to have a sufficient level of language competence (B2) at the start of the study period. However, there are certain courses suitable for incoming students who are not native speakers.
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Further courses selected from other study programs of the University of Applied Sciences might complete the individual study program. Access to such courses has individually to be clarified on-site.

General information for incoming students is provided by the International Office.

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