Prof. Dr. Marc Stöttinger

Prof. Dr. Marc Stöttinger | Professor für Technische Informatik und Security


Room: UdE, Haus C, Raum C211
Email: Marc.Stoettinger(at)
Phone: +4961194951214

Postal Address:

Postfach 3251
65022 Wiesbaden


Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden


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Research Internets

  • Embedded System Security
    • Implementation attacks (side channel analysis and error attacks)
    • Secure design of cryptographic algorithms in HW/SW
    • Security architecture at system level
    • Post-quantum cryptography with limited resources
    • Secure development processes
  • Application areas
    • Automotive
    • IoT


  • Fabio Campos and Michael Meyer and Krijn Reijnders and Marc Stöttinger: Patient Zero & Patient Six: Zero-Value and Correlation Attacks on CSIDH and SIKE, Will appear at sac 2022. - eprint
  • Marc-André Kaufhold, Ali Sercan Basyurt, Kaan Eyilmez, Marc Stöttinger, Christian Reuter: Cyber Threat Observatory: Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Dashboard for Computer Emergency Response Teams, ECIS 2022 - Document
  • YiWang, Marc Stöttinger, YajunHa: A Fault Resistant AES via Input-Output Differential Tables with DPA Awareness, ISCAS 2021
  • Marc-André Kaufhold, Jennifer Fromm, Thea Riebe, Milad Mirbabaie, Philipp Kuehn, Ali Sercan Basyurt, Markus Bayer, Marc Stöttinger, Kaan Eyilmez, Reinhard Möller, Christoph Fuchß, Stefan Stieglitz, Christian Reuter: CYWARN: Strategy and Technology Development for Cross-Platform Cyber Situational Awareness and Actor-Specific Cyber Threat Communication, Workshop-Proceedings Mensch und Computer 2021 - Document
  • Ruben Gonzalez, Andreas Hülsing, Matthias J. Kannwischer, Juliane Krämer, Tanja Lange, Marc Stöttinger, Elisabeth Waitz, Thom Wiggers, Bo-Yin Yang: Verifying Post-Quantum Signatures in 8 kB of RAM, PQCrypto 2021 - eprint
  • Julius Hermelink, Thomas Pöppelmann, Marc Stöttinger, Yi Wang, Yong Wan: Quantum Safe Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for Automotive Application, 18th escar Europe - Document
  • Fabio Campos, Matthias J. Kannwischer, Michael Meyer, Hiroshi Onuki, Marc Stöttinger: Trouble at the CSIDH: Protecting CSIDH with Dummy-Operations Against Fault Injection Attacks, FDTC 2020 - eprint
  • Fabio Campos, Tim Kohlstadt, Steffen Reith, Marc Stöttinger: LMS vs XMSS: Comparison of Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes on ARM Cortex-M4, AFRICACRYPT 2020 - eprint
  • Wen Wang, Marc Stöttinger: Post-quantum Secure Architectures for Automotive Hardware Secure Modules - eprint
  • Bernhard Jungk, Marc Stöttinger: Serialized Lightweight SHA-3 FPGA Implementations, Elsevier Microprocessors and Microsystems, Vol. 71
  • Fabio Campos, Michael Meyer, Steffen Sanwald, Marc Stöttinger, Yi Wang: Post-Quantum Cryptography for ECU Security Use Cases, 17th escar Europe - Document
  • Steffen Sanwald, Liron Kaneti, Marc Stöttinger, Martin Böhner: Secure Boot Revisited: Challenges for Secure Implementations in the Automotive Domain, 17th escar Europe - Document
  • Stefan Katzenbeisser, Ilia Polian, Francesco Regazzoni, Marc Stöttinger: Security in Autonomous Systems, ETS 2019
  • Ingo Braun, Fabio Campos, Steffen Reith, Marc Stöttinger: No RISC, no Fun: Comparison of Hardware Accelerated Hash Functions for XMSS - eprint
  • Bernhard Jungk, Richard Petri, Marc Stöttinger: Efficient Side-Channel Protections of ARX Ciphers, IACR Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, Vol. 18 - Document
  • Gavin Xiaoxu Yao, Marc Stöttinger, Ray CC Cheung, Sorin A. Huss: Side-Channel Attacks and Their Low Overhead Countermeasures on Residue Number System Multipliers, Emerging Technology and Architecture for Big-data Analytics
  • Sorin A Huss, Marc Stöttinger: A Novel Mutating Runtime Architecture for Embedding Multiple Countermeasures against Side-Channel Attacks, Hardware IP Security and Trust
  • Marc Stoettinger, Bernhard Jungk: There Ain't No Plain Key: A PUF based First-Order Side-Channel Resistant Encryption Construction, ISIC 2016 - Document
  • Bernhard Jungk, Marc Stöttinger: Hobbit—Smaller but faster than a dwarf: Revisiting lightweight SHA-3 FPGA implementations, ReConFig 2016
  • Ingrid Verbauwhede, Josep Balasch, Oscar Reparaz, Sorin A. Huss, Kai Rhode, Marc Stottinger, Michael Zohner: Side-Channel Attacks, 2016, CRC Press
  • Wei He, Marc Stottinger, Eduardo de la Torre, Veronica Diaz: Evaluation Tools for Multivariate Side-Channel Analysis, DCIS 2015 - Document
  • Dirmanto Jap, Marc Stöttinger, Shivam Bhasin: Support Vector Regression: Exploiting Machine Learning Techniques for Leakage Modeling, CS2@HiPEAC 2015 - Document
  • Alexander Herrmann, Marc Stöttinger: Evaluation Tools for Multivariate Side-Channel Analysis, CS2@HiPEAC 2015 - Document
  • Alexander Herrmann, Marc Stöttinger: Constructive Side-Channel Analysis for Secure Hardware Design, ISIC 2014 - Document
  • Marc Stöttinger, Gavin Xiaoxu Yao, Ray CC Cheung: Zero Collision Attack and its Countermeasures on Residue Number System Multipliers, ISIC 2014 - Document
  • Christophe Clavier, Jean-Luc Danger, Guillaume Duc, M Abdelaziz Elaabid, Benoît Gérard, Sylvain Guilley, Annelie Heuser, Michael Kasper, Yang Li, Victor Lomné, Daisuke Nakatsu, Kazuo Ohta, Kazuo Sakiyama, Laurent Sauvage, Werner Schindler, Marc Stöttinger, Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon, Matthieu Walle, Antoine Wurcker: Practical Improvements of Side-Channel Attacks on AES: Feedback from the 2nd DPA Contest, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Vol. 4/2014
  • Aderinola Gbade-Alabi, David Keezer, Vincent Mooney, Axel Y Poschmann, Marc Stöttinger, Kshitij Divekar: A Signature Based Architecture for Trojan Detection, WESS 2014 - Document
  • Bernhard Jungk, Marc Stottinger, Matthias Harter: Shrinking KECCAK Hardware Implementations, SHA-3 Workshop 2014
  • Sebastian Kutzner, Phuong Ha Nguyen, Axel Poschmann, Marc Stöttinger: Minimizing S-Boxes in Hardware by Utilizing Linear Transformations, AFRICACRYPT 2014 
  • Sebastian Kutzner, Axel Poschmann, Marc Stöttinger: TROJANUS: An Ultra-Lightweight Side-Channel Leakage Generator for FPGAs, FPT 2013 - Document
  • Fabrizio De Santis, Michael Kasper, Stefan Mangard, Georg Sigl, Oliver Stein, Marc Stöttinger: On the Relationship between Correlation Power Analysis and the Stochastic Approach: An ASIC Designer Perspective,  INDOCRYPT 2013
  • Sebastian Kutzner, Axel Y Poschmann, Marc Stöttinger: Hardware Trojan Design and Detection: A Practical Evaluation, WESS 2013 - Document
  • Bernhard Jungk, Marc Stöttinger: Among Slow Dwarfs and Fast Giants: A Systematic Design Space Exploration of KECCAK, ReCoSoC 2013 - Document
  • Sorin A Huss, Marc Stöttinger, Michael Zohner: Amasive: An Adaptable and Modular Autonomous Side-Channel Vulnerability Evaluation Framework, Number Theory and Cryptography
  • Marc Stöttinger: Mutating Runtime Architectures as a Countermeasure against Power Analysis Attacks, 2013, Tu Darmstadt - Document
  • Bernhard Jungk, Marc Stöttinger, Jan Gampe, Steffen Reith, Sorin A. Huss: Sde-channel resistant AES Architecture Utilizing Randomized Composite Field Representations, FPT 2012
  • Qizhi Tian, Abdulhadi Shoufan, Marc Stoettinger, Sorin A Huss: Power Trace Alignment for Cryptosystems Featuring Random Frequency CountermeasuresICDIPC 2012 - Document
  • Michael Zohner, Marc Stöttinger, Sorin A Huss, Oliver Stein: An Adaptable, Modular, and Autonomous Side-Channel Vulnerability Evaluator, HOST 2012- Document
  • Michael Zohner, Michael Kasper, Marc Stöttinger: Butterfly-Attack on Skein’s Modular Addition, COSADE 2012
  • Michael Zohner, Michael Kasper, Marc Stöttinger: Sorin A Huss: Side Channel Analysis of the SHA-3 Finalists, DATE 2012 - Document
  • Annelie Heuser, Werner Schindler, Marc Stöttinger: Revealing Side-Channel Issues of Complex Circuits by Enhanced Leakage Models, DATE 2012 - Document
  • Annelie Heuser, Michael Kasper, Werner Schindler, Marc Stöttinger: A New Difference Method for Side-Channel Analysis with High-Dimensional Leakage Models, RSA Conference 2012 - Slides
  • Marc Stottinger, Thomas Feller, Sorin A Huss: A Side-Channel Hardened IP-Protection Scheme for FPGA-based Platforms, FPT 2011 - Document
  • Annelie Heuser, Michael Kasper, Werner Schindler, Marc Stottinger: How a Symmetry Metric Assists Side-Channel Evaluation - A Novel Model Verification Method for Power Analysis, DSD 2011
  • H Gregor Molter, Marc Stöttinger, Abdulhadi Shoufan, Falko Strenzke: A Simple Power Analysis Attack on a McEliece Cryptoprocessor, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Vol. 4/2011
  •  Alexander Biedermann, Marc Stöttinger, Lijing Chen, Sorin A Huss: Secure Virtualization Within a Multi-Processor Soft-Core System-On-Chip Architecture, SRC 2010 - Document
  • Marc Stöttinger, Sorin A Huss, Sascha Mühlbach, Andreas Koch: Side-Channel Resistance Evaluation of a Neural Network Based Lightweight Cryptography Scheme, EUC2010 - Document
  • Michael Kasper, Werner Schindler, Marc Stöttinger: A Stochastic Method for Security Evaluation of Cryptographic FPGA Implementations, FTP 2010
  •  Marc Stöttinger, Alexander Biedermann, Sorin Alexander Huss: Virtualization within a Parallel Array of Homogeneous Processing Units, ARC201 - Document
  • Marc Stöttinger, Sunil Malipatlolla, Qizhi Tian: Survey of Methods to Improve Side-Channel Resistance on Partial Reconfigurable Platforms, 2010, Design Methodologies for Secure Embedded Systems
  • Marc Stöttinger, Felix Madlener, Sorin A Huss: Procedures for Securing ECC Implementations against Differential Power Analysis Using Reconfigurable Architectures, 2010, Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems