AI@HSRM: A lecture series

The lecture titled “Challenges and opportunities of AI from a gender and diversity perspective” by Kathrin Peltz from the Department V.1 Didactics and Digital Teaching will take alook at AI applications in the context of gender and diversity. Kathrin Peltz will explain how AI applications can create bias and present approaches on how to avoid bias. The lecture will also talk about opportunities for gender equality and diversity in AI applications. 

In addition, Kathrin Peltz will show how gender and diversity aspects in AI are relevant and can be made relevant for university teaching. The lecture is aimed at all those who would like to include a gender and diversity perspective to their use of AI.

Date: Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 11–12 a.m.
Location: online via Zoom
Language: German


For acces to the Zoom Meeting, use the Meeting-ID 652 1062 9673 and the code 276422.