Prepare und Reflect – Incomings


10. Oktober 2023, 9:30-17:00 Uhr
11. Oktober 2023, 9:30-17:00 Uhr


To be announced.


Registration directly to nadine.scholz(at) or tabea.faerber-schwert(at)


Yasmin Hedjri, Nadine Scholz



In this interactive seminar, held in English, we will discuss how to act and communicate in an intercultural sensitive way. You get the chance to reflect on your own values and cultural identity.

This course is together with other international students during their semester abroad. Let’s compare our experience – what is similar, different, or new?

Asynchronous Forum – round 1st due Nov 9th 23, round 2 due Nov 30th 23
During your stay, you will need to answer two rounds of reflection questions about your intercultural experience within a forum or etherpad in our online learning platform Stud.IP.

Exchange Meetings: Friday Nov 17th  23, Tuesday Dec 5th 23, 5-7pm
You will have the possibility to exchange your abroad experience during the semester with with other students in the same situation. We will be able to tackle questions you have together and reflect on “cultural shock” and “cultural honeymoon” phases. We will also look at some theoretical aspects on culture.

Reflection Day (online): March 1st 24, 10-12 am
You will reflect your whole study abroad experience and share with others.

Video: due March 24th, 24
Create a video within your group by mapping an intercultural topic. Details will be explained during the Prepare Days which will take place on campus.

What you need to do to earn ECTS credits:

  • Mandatory participation in all
  • Prepare Days (on campus)
  • Reflection Day (online)
  • Exchange Meetings 
  • Completion of asynchronous forum (online)
  • Video creation within small groups (upload online, video creation on site with other students)