Intercultural Competence Basics (in English) (S)

Dates & times

October 5, 2021      2.30 pm - 7.30 pm  (offline, Campus Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)

October 6, 2021      4 pm - 8 pm             (online)

October 8, 2021      2 pm - 8 pm             (offline, Campus Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)

October 19, 2021    2.30 pm - 7.30 pm (offline, Campus Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)

October 21, 2021    4 pm - 8 pm             (online)


Online & Offline (Campus Kurt-Schumacher-Ring)


Paulina Weber


Why do we think they way we do? Why is it sometimes so difficult to deal with other people and different cultures? Our more and more growing diverse society influences cultures and so the people who live in it.

In this seminar you will develop competencies to engage successfully with people with various cultural imrpints. Besides a sensibility for different perspectives we need also the knowledge about our own cultural identity and its effect on other human encounters.

The goal is to reflect our own values and points of view to react appropriately in prospective intercultural situations. 

The seminar will be divided in offline and online sessions.


Please be aware that this is the same seminar and content as the "IKK Grundlagenseminar", only in English.