Double Master Degree Programs

Students participating in the program Master of Arts in International Business Administration can get the opportunity to participate in one of the double master degree programs established with:

  • Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), Santiago, Chile
    Facultad de Administración y Economía: Magister en Economia Financiera
  • National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Bangkok, Thailand
    International College: Master of Arts in Management

For a participation in one of the double master degree programs enrolled students of the master program International Business Administration of Wiesbaden Business School have to submit their application until October 31st of the year before embarking on the semester abroad, including an application letter and a copy of their bachelor degree. According to the contracts each of the partner universities accepts up to three students from Wiesbaden Business School per year. Applications for participation in this double master degree programs will be forwarded from the partner university to the host university. Individual applications by students will not be accepted in the framework of this agreement. All applications need to comply with the requirements of both partners. The sending university will provide all documents for its students to the host university.

Successful students would then study during the summer semester at the partner university a number of designated courses which would be accepted as equivalents for the courses which are offered in Wiesbaden during the semester abroad. In addition, they have to submit a thesis in English with a duration of three months to be presented to both partners in October and to be graded by professors of both partners according to their grading systems. If students succeed in passing the courses agreed in the respective partner agreements and obtain a positive grading of their theses by professors of both institutions they meet the requirements to obtain the double degree.

Students participating in one of these programs pay their academic fees to the sending university. Therefore they are exempted from the payment of study or tuition fees at the host university in the framework of the agreements. They will only have to pay the administrative fees of the host university. In addition all remaining costs for i.e. travel, food and lodging, or academic books in the host country have to be covered by the students themselves.

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