"WinGreen" - Simulation of semiconductor nanodevices

Simulated local density of states in a III/V resonant tunneling diode (RTD).

WinGreen is a simulation package for ballistic transport calculations in layered semiconductors. Based on realtime Green's functions it provides a quantum mechanical approach for the description of nonequilibrium electronic transport. The Coulomb interaction between charged particles is calculated via a Hartree selfconsistent single-particle potential employing the Poisson equation and the charge density from the Green's functions. Scattering (phonons, impurities, interface roughness etc.) is incorporated by means of an optical potential which is an empirical parameter. The material layer sequence is formulated on the basis of localized atomic orbitals with material dependent inter-layer coupling matrices. This real-space tight binding approach provides an intuitive model of heterointerfaces.

The WinGreen simulation package may be used and distributed free of charge for non-commercial purposes.
Version 2.1.1  (1.1MB)


Copyright (c) 2000-2010 K. M. Indlekofer and J. Malindretos. All rights reserved.

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