Internationale Gäste an unserem Fachbereich

At our departmen of Social Work there are a lot of presentations and workshops of international guests, which you can see here.

  • 2017: Dr. Christine Brendel & Timm Kroeger

    In December 2017 there was a symposium with Dr. Christine Brendel and Timm Kroeger because of the beginning of the project "MamMut" which startet at the Department of Social Work. In South America, the regional program ComVoMujer, combating violence against women in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay, was developed under the direction of Dr. Christine Brendel. This program is about to bring the actors (men, women, the state and different companies) who fight against violence against women together and to develop various steps against violence to women.

    During the symposium Christine Brendel presented good examples for the prevention of violence against women from South America who could easily implemented in the context of Germany.

        Role attribution - violence against women and innovativ approaches, such as the regional
        program ComVoMujer and women's policy today.

  • 2017: Staff Week at the Hochschule RheinMain

    As part of the ERASMUS + Staff Week from the 27nd of November 2017 to the 1st of Dezember 2017 representatives from four
    partner universities (Namibia University of Science And Technology in Windhoek/Namibia, Wisconsin-River Falls in River Falls/USA, Fuzhou University, China, German Jordanian University in Amman/Jordanien) attend at the Hochschule RheinMain. At the beginning of Staff Week, the Vice President, Prof. Dr. Christiane Jost, gave a very motivating  welcome speech (PDF 190 KB).

  • 2017: Prof. Dr. Tesfaye Semela

    Prof. Dr. Tesfaye Semela, Hawassa University, Ethiopia, had given a three days lectures as part of the seminar "Transnationale und Transkulturelle Soziale Arbeit am Beispiel Äthiopien" (Prof. Dr. Heidrun Schulze/ Dorothee Schäfer - MA Soziale Arbeit):

         African Education History & Philosophy with more closer focus on Ethiopia.
         (23rd to 25th of November 2017)

    Here you can get an  impression of the workshops (PDF 1.7 MB).

  • 2017: Gabriela Renteria Herandez

    (f.l.t.r.: Ines Renteria Hernandez, Gabriela Renteria Hernandez)

    Gabriela Renteria Hernandez is the head of the "Centro de apoyo al niño y adolescente Trabajador (CANAT)" and have given the following lecture at our department:

         Neue Perspektiven für arme und gefährdete Kinder und Jugendliche -
         Nuevas perspetivas para niños y adolecentes en estado de pobreza y riesgo. (3rd of July 2017)

  •  2017: Timm Kroeger

    Timm Kroeger, in former times GIZ Ecuador/Peru, report about projects about violence against women in South America, was at our department and hold the following lecture:

         Arbeit mit Männern zum Thema Gewalt gegen Frauen. (24th of May 2017)
  •  2017: Rachel Rosen

    Rachel Rosen
    , UCL Institute of Education/ London, came a second time to our department of Social Work to give their really interesting lecture about the following topic:

         Uneasy bedfellows? Women's rights, children's rights, and domestic violence.
         The challenge of complexity in domestic violence. (18th of January 2017)
  •  2016: Rita Nunes
    Rita Nunes is a Researcher at the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department at Freie Universität Berlin. Rita is also the Coordinator of the Children’s Rights European Academic Network (CREAN/ ENMCR). Since 2011 Rita Nunes is the editor of the CRnews Newsletter financed by Save the Children Sweden. She had given the following presentation at the Summer School in August 2016 in Wiesbaden:
         Children´s Rights in the context of Human Rights and Civil Rights.
         The protection of Refugee and Internally Displaced Children - Crossing the border
  • 2016: Laura Lundy
    Professor Laura Lundy is Professor of Education Law and Children’s Rights and the Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her expertise is in law and children’s rights, with a particular focus on children’s education rights and right to participate in decision-making. She had given the following presentation at the Summer School in August 2016 in Wiesbaden:
         Research and Children´s Rights.
         What constitutes children's rights-based research? (August 2016)

  • 2016: Christine Brendel & Timm Kroeger

    In cooperation with the “cooperación alemana – Deutsche Zusammenarbeit” and “giz – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationele Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) GmbH” the department of Social Work of the Hochschule RheinMain had the opportunity to work with Christine Brendel and Timm Kroeger. This international meeting about gender-specific and generation-specific violence had the following title:

         MamMut - Mitmachen macht Mut - Gemeinsam gegen Gewalt. Der Lernparcour zur 
         Gewaltprävention ein Multiakteursansatz? (June 2016)

  • 2016: Johanna Hefel

    Professor Johanna Hefel teaches at the Fachhochschule Voralberg (Department of Social Sciences and Organisation Studies + Department Research of Society and Socio-Economics). On the 21.05.2016 she had given a lecture about the following topic:

         Auto-ethnography and Social Work: creating awareness conscious mind and reflection.
  •  2016: Rachel Rosen

    Rachel Rosen
    , UCL Institute of Education/ London, came to our department of Social Work! On the 28th of January 2016 she gave a lecture about the following topic:

         Uneasy bedfellows? Women's rights, children's rights, and domestic violence.

    Here you can find the  invitation (PDF 251 KB) of the lecture.
  • 2015: Timm Kroeger & Agnes Skorka
    Timm Kroeger and Agnes Skorka
    , GIZ, came to our department to teach the students the "Ruta Participativa", which is a project of the GIZ in Latin America. This  presentation (PDF 422KB) shows you some pictures of the workshop.
  • 2015: Eugene Tartakovsky
    Eugene Tartakovsky
    , Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Tel Aviv University, had given the following lecture:
         Immigration and Social Work with Immigrants in Israel. (October 2015)

    Look at this  PDF-Document (PDF 369KB) to get some impression of the lecture.
  • 2015: Guy Shilo

    Guy Shilo
    , lecturer in Social Work, Tel Aviv University, Israel, had given the following lecture at our
    Department of Social Work:

         Social stressors and resilience factors among secual minorities in a global perspectiv - The case  
         of Isreali LGBs. (October 2015)

    This  PDF-Document (PDF 234KB) shows you some impression of the lecture.
  • 2015: Professor Ryukichi Qgushi & Professor Dr. Franz Hamburger
    Prof. Ryukichi Qgushi
    , Tokyo Metropolitan Universität, and Prof. Dr. Franz Hamburger, Universität Mainz, had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Eleonore Oja Ploil and Prof. Dr. Heidrun Schulze of the deparment of Social Work. Look at this  PDF-Document (PDF 179 KB) to see some pictures of the meeting.
  • 2015: Delegation of the Universidade Paedagogico Nampula (Mosambique)
    Prof. Dr. Mario Jorge Caetano Brito dos Santos, sociologist and director of Universidade Paedagogico (UP) Nampula and Prof. Dr. Hans Saar, education researcer and responsible for the cooperation of the UP with german universities, came to the department of social work to negotiate about apossible cooperation between the UP and our department.  This document (PDF 202 KB) shows some pictures of the delegation.
  • 2015: Professor Jan Fook

    Professor Jan Fook, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Kingston University and St. Georges, University of London, had make the following workshop at our faculty:

        Critical reflection in working with children: some major assumptions underlying social work
        practice. (Januar 2015)
  • 2015: Mag Phil. Andrea Nagy

    Andrea Nagy, lecturer at the University of Applied Science St. Pölten GmbH in Austria, had given the following lecture:

        Soziale Arbeit queer*denken: - zur Notwendigkeit der Auseinandersetzung mit
        Heteronormativität in der Ausbildung zu sozialen Professionen. (Januar 2015)
  • 2014: Anna Gupta

    Anna Gupta, London University, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, had given the following presentation at our faculty:

        From Child Protection to Child Well-being: The role of the state, children's rights and the
        Capability Approach. (November 2014)
  • 2014: Natalija Mazeikiené

    Prof. Dr. Natalija Mazeikiené, from the Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas, was a guest at the anniversary celebration of our department and hold a short welcome speech (October 2014).
  • 2014: Professor James Martin

    Professor James Martin, New York University, again came to our department in April 2014. He gave the following presentation:

        American Social Work since Stonewall: Bias, Tolerance, Affirmation or Liberation?
  • 2014: Dr. Peggy Sax

    Dr. Peggy Sax, a licensed psychologist, international teacher, consult and founder of the online community '' were here in our department in January 2014. Here you can find a  presentation about Narrative Therapy (PDF 584 KB) in the fields of Social Work and with all information about the workshops and about.
  • 2013: Professor Rita Isabel Ribeiro Richter Nunes

    Professor Rita Isabel Ribeiro Richter Nunes, professor of Law at the University of Lisbon, project coordinator at the MA Childhood Studies and Children's Rights at the FU Berlin and coordinator of CREAN (Children's Rights Erasmus Acadamic Network) had given the following presentation:

        Die UN-Kinderrechtskonvention - Rechtspanorama der EU-Politik. (November 2013)
  • 2013: Professor Heinz Messmer

    Professor Dr. habil. Heinz Messmer, professor at the Fachhochschule Norwestschweiz, Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit, Institut Kinder- und Jugendhilfe, has given the following presentation:

        Mikrophysiken professionellen Handelns: Interaktionen zwischen Professionellen und Klient_innen
        in der Sozialen Arbeit aus gesprächsanalytischer Sicht. (October 2013)
  • 2013: Professor Santosh Pariyar

    Professor Santosh Pariyar, Purbanchal University Kathmandu in Nepal, had given the following presentation:

        Situation of Human Rights, Gender and Aid Based Development in Nepal (June 2013)
  • 2012: Professor Deborah Padgett

    Professor Deborah K. Padgett, Professor of Social Work and Global Public Health at the New York University/ Silver School of Social Work, had given the following presentation:

         Qualitative Research in Social Work. International Perspectives and Professional Relevance.
         (November 2012)

  • 2011/2012: Professor James Martin

    Professor James Martin, Associate Professor of Social Work at the New York University/ Silver School of Social Work, had given the following presentations and workshops:

    • Clinical Sozial Work Practice: Conceptual Foundation and Basic Skills. (December 2012)
    • Social Work and 'The Other': What We Learn from Difference. (May 2012)
    • Victimization and its Impact on Gay and Bisexual Men. (May 2012)
    • The Changing Constructions of Sexual and Gender Identities: Implications for Working with Queer Populations. (October 2011)