Prof. Dr. Stefan Kontermann

Prof. Dr. Silvia Mittler

PhD Students and Lab Engineers

Ingo Lebershausen

Laboratory Engineer

Master Students

Jonas Kuhl

Diffractive Optical Elements

Janno Paulus

Evanescent Field Microscopy

Simon Paulus

Black Silicon

Dennis Rosendahl

Black Silicon

Bachelor Students

Matthis Boog

Evanescent Field Microscopy

Christian Marx

Diffractive Optical Elements

Former Members

Nils Braun

Manufacturing and characterization of highly refractive Sputter coatings
(B. Sc.)

Christian Heil

Setup and image processing in Evanescent Field Microscopy
(M. Sc.)

Anna-Katharina Hülsing

Deposition and characterization of an organic film used in Evanescent Field Microscopy
(B. Sc.)

Sergej Leinweber

Micro structuring of diffractive optical elements used in characterizing of femtosecond laser pulses
(B. Sc.)

Astrid Mucs

Photography, Labor Assistent

Ioannis Pantouvakis


Nico Schifferstein

Creation of a comprehensive literature data bank

Christian Warneke

Process and experimental design for microstructuring of optical glasses using ultra fast laser pulse lithography
(M. Sc.)