Finding a Place

Dormitories at the Study Locations

In Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim dormitories are available.

In addition, you might also want to check out the following web addresses for your online search for a place:

You may also want to have a look at the room and apartment offerings in the local daily newspapers. The paper Rhein-Main Presse offers online classifieds for residential real estate here.


Wiesbaden Dormitories

Studierendenwohnheim Camp Pieri
Sonnenblumenweg 6-12

65201 Wiesbaden

This dormitory is situated at the outskirts of Wiesbaden in the Freudenberg neighborhood. All in all, there are 251 single occupancy rooms.

  • The current prices can be checked out here.


Junges Wohnen
Wohnheim für junge Menschen und Studierende
Langeooger Straße 16/18
65199 Wiesbaden

The Junges Wohnen dormitory is located in the Sauerland neighborhood in Wiesbaden and offers 94 rooms. It provides a solid infrastructure and is well connected to the public transport system.

WfS: Wohnen für Studis GmbH
Ms. Annika Stenzel
Platter Straße 1
65193 Wiesbaden
Phone: +49 (0)611 724 5805
Cell phone: 0163 390 8801

E-mail: stenzel[at]wfs-wiesbaden[.]de

The application process is online only.

  • Please find the form for online applications here.


Studierendenwohnheim Friedrich-Naumann-Straße
Friedrich-Naumann-Straße 1
65195 Wiesbaden

The Friedrich-Naumann-Straße dormitory is situated right next to the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus. There are 87 places in two-room suites at a monthly rent of 320 euros per student. The security deposit amounts to 640 euros. (Please note: you need to bring your own bedding and dishes!)

Send your application for a place to:
Linhard Verwaltungen
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1
61118 Bad Vilbel
Phone: +49 (0)6101 870 721
Fax: +49 (0)6101 87 674

E-mail: andreas.nagy[at]linhard-verwaltungen[.]de

  • Please find the downloadable application form here.


Notice Board with Housing Offerings & Studentenwerk Frankfurt

A notice board with housing offerings can be found in Wiesbaden right next to the office of the AStA (on Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18, building A, garden floor, right next to room 108).

The living space campaign of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt publishes rental offers for interested landlords and landladies. If you are renting and would like to advertise, enter the information here: www.wohnraum-gesucht.de. If you are looking for a place, also check the postings in the S!C (Student Information Center) on Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18 in Wiesbaden.

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Rüsselsheim Dormitories

Student Residence
An der Lache 4
65428 Rüsselsheim

Gütlich GbR-Hausverwaltung
Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 27
65428 Rüsselsheim
Cell phone: 0176 5149 3023
E-mail: angelikarueckert[at]t-online[.]de


Student Residence
An der Feuerwache 7
65428 Rüsselsheim

Administration: Studentenwerk Frankfurt


Student Resident "Loverix-Hostel"
August Bebel-Straße 58
65428 Rüsselsheim

Phone: +49 (0)6142 15 055
E-mail: loverix-hostel[at]t-online[.]de
Office Hours
Tuesday 1 - 3 p.m.


Student residence
Elisabethenstraße 2

65428 Rüsselsheim

Letting and advice
Mrs Heck
Phone:  +49 (0)69 798-23053
Fax: +49 (0)69 798-23029
E-Mail: wohnen[at]studentenwerkfrankfurt[.]de

Studentenwerk Frankfurt


Private rental offerings are regularly posted on the notice board in the dining hall of the Brückweg Campus in Rüsselsheim (Am Brückweg 26).

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Student Information Center
Hochschule RheinMain
University of Applied Sciences
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18
65197 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 (0)611 9495-1555
Fax: +49 (0)611 9495-1553