Admission Requirements in Hesse

Higher Education Entrance Qualification

To study at a university in Hesse, you need one of the following educational qualifications or degrees (according to § 54 of the Hesse Higher Education Act):

  1. a high school degree
  2. a specialized high-school or equivalent degree
  3. a cooperative education high school degree
  4. a master craftsperson's certificate

Vocational Qualifications

In Hesse, a master craftsperson's certificate and other vocational qualifications that are considered to be equal to a master craftsperson's certificate qualify you to study at a university and allow you to apply directly to a university or professional academy. In addition, a further group of people with vocational qualifications can sit an exam for university entry.

Please find more information on opportunities for people with professional qualifications here (in German only).

Further Potential Requirements for Admission

In addition to the regular higher education entrance qualification, universities may require pre-university internships, creative aptitude tests or apprenticeship or training contracts with partnering businesses. Please consult the detailed information posted by the degree programs you are interested in.


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