Financial Aid Opportunities

If you need more information, the Wiesbade Adult Education Center, which serves as a certified counseling center for the qualification check and the continuing education grant, will be happy to help you.

Qualification Check of the Land Hesse

Continuing education isn't free. With its qualification check the Land Hesse gives you up to 500 euros in cash for one continuing education program per year, namely 50 percent of the fee for the course or workshop and the examination fee.

Who Can Receive a Qualification Check?

The following conditions need to apply for you to receive a qualification check:

    • you work in a small or medium-sized business of up to 250 employees,
    • you do not have a recognized vocational qualification or degree for your current work area or you are older than 45 years,
    • you participate in a free, personal educational counseling session

    How Do You Get Your Qualification Check?

    A condition for receiving your qualification check is a personal and neutral education counseling session that is free of charge for you. This requirement emphasized the importance of receiving educational counseling, which will allow participants to make a well-informed, targeted continuing education choice from among the broad range of offerings. During the educational counseling meeting, topics and content of the continuing education offering and possible providers will be determined. Find a list of all counseling centers on Hesse's continuing education website www.qualifizierungsschecks.de here.

    Continuing Education Grant Voucher of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

    With its continuing education grant voucher, the federal government funds continuing education with up to 500 euros per year. The voucher can be used once a year to pay for a maximum of half the participation or examination fees of a continuing education offering. The other half needs to be paid by the participant.

    Who is Entitled to a Continuing Education Grant Voucher?

    All employees and self-employed individuals whose taxable income does not exceed 25,600 euros are entitled to receive grant vouchers. With couples, the family income must not exceed 51,200 euros.

    How Do You Get Your Continuing Education Grant Voucher?

    Condition for receiving the voucher is a free educational counseling session at one of the more than 400 independent counseling centers in Germany. These will issue a voucher for a specific continuing education offering to you. Any binding bookings of continuing education course offerings however  must not be made before the voucher has been issued.

    Find more information about the grant voucher on the following web pages and web documents:

    The continuing education grant is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund.