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Stud.IP: A Short Introduction

Stud.IP at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

Stud.IP had already been used quite intensively for several years by a number of faculties and instructors. When the president of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Professor Detlev Reymann wanted to just "test it a little bit" because he was looking for a simple way of sharing files at his home faculty of Geisenheim, it was received so well by Geisenheim students and instructors alike during the testing phase that it was decided to use it at a larger scale, first on a test basis and then as part of a regular process. From then on, an increasing number of instructors started using the platform. This eventually led to RheinMain University of Applied Sciences' decision to adopt Stud.IP as a campuswide system.

This resolution has been implemented since September 14, 2009, and the system is now available for the entire university community.

Affiliations with Offices & Organizational Units

For instructors or staff to be able to create courses in Stud.IP, they first need to designate an affiliated degree program or programs where they teach. This designation is done via the HDS UserAdmin system. After at most 60 minutes, changed entered in the HDS user administration will have been read by Stud.IP and will be visible after you log in.

This process not only makes sure that you will start your work in Stud.IP with the correct affiliations, but also that students will be correctly assigned to the programs where you teach. Instructors can thus always check program affiliations of students.

Need Help?

User support for Stud.IP is provided by engineer Eric Laubmeyer of CeBiS and the IT Center. We are looking forward to your using this offering.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the support at studip[at]hs-rm[.]de. Your request will be dealt with promptly.


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