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Computer Science

Master of Science
What's it about?

The goal of a master's degree program in computer science is to provide graduates of bachelor's programs with an in-depth additional qualification at a high academic level that includes numerous options. Students gain skills with practical relevance based on state-of-the-art science and technology and graduate with their master's degree after a three-semester standard period of study. The special feature of the course is the choice of three innovative focal areas that students can select according to their preferences. These include:

  • Embedded Systems,
  • Smart & Interactive Systems,
  • Software Engineering.

The master's degree program equip graduates to pursue a doctoral program at the planned joint doctoral center for Applied Computer Science of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Darmstadt, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

What do I need?
  • Prospective students need to have successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. The focus of this degree must have been on IT for 50-65% of the course, in accordance with the recommendations of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V. (Society for Computer Science e.V.).
  • Additionally, the overall grade of the bachelor's degree must be at least "good" (2.0). If the overall grade is below 2.0 and above/equal to 2.5, students may be granted admission if they can prove a particular specialist qualification in their application documents, or during an interview.

Detailed information can be found here  Admission Regulations (PDF 134 KB, in German only).

What can I do with it?

Graduates of this degree program are, in principle, qualified for any area in computer science, as the degree program does not train students for a specific profession. It can therefore be applied in both the academic and non-academic labor market. Graduates are able to tackle complex tasks in companies, academic institutions and the public sector. They can also assume leadership positions in IT or related areas.

At a glance

Study location Wiesbaden, Campus Unter den Eichen
Standard period of study 3 semester
Accreditation agency ASIIN
Enrollment In summer and winter semesters
Application Deadlines
  • March/September, see application information for exact date
Kontakt For more information please contact the student information center or Prof. Ludger Martin

[Translate to English:] Studienverlauf nach der PO (Prüfungsordnung) 2010

[Translate to English:] Studierenden haben die Möglichkeit, sich für eine der beiden Vertiefungsrichtungen Vernetzte Systeme oder Interaktive Anwendungen zu entscheiden.
Die mit * gekennzeichneten Module sind mit Vertiefungsoption. Bei Erreichen von 70 CP (von 100) aus einer Vertiefungsrichtung können Studierende auf Antrag einen entsprechenden Vermerk auf ihrem Zeugnis erhalten. Die Master-Arbeit muss in der Vertiefungsrichtung angesiedelt sein.

 Verlauf des Studiums