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Forschungsprojekt KOLIBRI: KOLIektive Intelligenz unBemannteR Multicopter
Fachbereich Design Informatik Medien
Labor CVMR
Leitung Prof. Dr. Uli Schwanecke
Beteiligte Marc Lieser, Robert Brylka
Laufzeit 31.12.2014 - 30.06.2015
Website cvmr.mi.hs-rm.de/icarus/


The viability of small and cheap autonomous aircrafts opens up a whole new field of civilian applications. In this research project we are developing a low budget system to do research in the field the swarm behavior of small autonomous aircrafts. Our system is based on an affordable high speed optical tracking system with high accuracy and a software component for remote controlling arial vehicles, both systems are developed in our lab. Based on very small multicopters with a maximum weight of 50g, we investigate autonomous aircraft swarms and develop new algorithms to enable collaborative strategies for solving problems such as generating maps of an environment or identifying best paths to victims.