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Forschungsprojekt Kephalos: Strahlungsarme 3D-Rekonstruktion des Gesichtsschädels auf Basis multimodaler Eingabedaten
Fachbereich Design Informatik Medien
Labor CVMR
Leitung Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwanecke
Beteiligte Tassilo Kegelstadt
Thomas Gietzen
Ansprechpartner Forschungsförderung Dr. Michael Anton
Susanne Korzuch
Projektpartner Sirona Dental GmbH, Uni Mainz
Laufzeit seit 10.06.2015


Orthodontic motivated radiographs substantial contributes to radiation exposure of children and adolescents. Especially since the introduction of dental digital volume tomography (DVT), the use of 3D radiographs is increasingly propagated. Because DVT devices typically generate 3D information from several hundred 2D radiographs, the effective dose of a DVT recording is at least an order of magnitude greater than that of a single digital lateral cephalogram. However, for many diagnostics a complete 3D model often is not needed, but only the outer (facial) surface of the facial skeleton. The aim of Kephalos is to develope a new technique for calculating the exact facial surface of the facial bones based on a) a single lateral cephalogram, b) an optical face scan and c) a statistical model of the correlation between the facial surface and the facial bones.